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If you are a senior or have a parent who is, you may find you have a lot on your plate. Along with finances that often dwindle as the years of employment come to an end and medical issues that can arise with age, there are a number of legal concerns, present, and future, that need to be addressed as well.It is of the utmost importance that you seek counsel from an attorney who is experienced in Elder Law in Alabama.

Legal Needs of Seniors

As the seasons in your life change, so do the legal ramifications. You may find the legalities that need to be attended to are quite overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We are able to walk through them, hand-in-hand, with you to make sure you and your loved ones are protected. We specialize in meeting the legal needs of seniors.

What Do Top Legal Needs Seniors Face?

Some of the legal needs of seniors you may be aware of. Others you may not even know about.In either instance, you are responsible for tending to the matters as you will reap any repercussion incurred, whether you know or don’t know the laws exist.It sounds harsh and really, it is.Fortunately, when you reach out to us, you have a trustworthy, professional team to look out for your best interest concerning Elder Law in Alabama. That’s a lot of peace of mind!Here are some of the legal fields that aging individuals often need assistance with:

Medicaid matters.

Medicaid can be a complex subject to understand and deal with.

What you do or don’t do concerning Medicaid benefits will most likely accompany you

for the rest of your life, positively or…negatively.

Medicaid appeals and claims.

It’s not a given, by any stretch of the imagination, that your Medicaid claim or application will be approved.

You may find yourself in a position of needing to protest the outcome.  Never take no for an answer.

Preserving and transferring assets.

As the possibility of a long-term care of nursing home situation arises, it is imperative to protect your assets. Transferring property and other assets may be a viable plan but there are other options to consider that may be beneficial as well.

  • Disability planning. While no one wants to think of becoming disabled, but the possibility is always there.Being prepared makes such a misfortune easier to cope with, for you and your loved ones. Living trusts, living wills, conservatorships, guardianships and powers of attorney can put your mind at ease, knowing you have things covered should the need arise.
  • Supplemental health insurance.Sometimes it is wise to take out a supplemental health insurance to fill in the gap Medicare or another insurance leaves open. Other times, having supplemental coverage is not the best route to take.
  • Long-term health coverage. Taking out an insurance policy that will help cover the cost of a long-term care facility may be advisable to protect your assets from being seized. Is it the wisest choice for your individual circumstance though?
  • Nursing home concerns. There are a number of issues that can arise from being admitted into a nursing home. Some are quite alarming and not well known. In the event that you require such care, be sure you have all your bases covered.
  • Discrimination.Have you been denied housing or something else just because of your age?
    Senior discrimination is a bigger issue than you may think but…it doesn’t have to be. Know your rights and your recourses.
  • Mental health law.As we age, so does our brain and other bodily functions that relate to mental health. The best defense you have is an offense.Seeking counsel before a situation arises rather than after can make all the difference in the world.

Where to Turn

The senior legal issues listed above are only a drop in the bucket.It is indeed unfortunate that the elderly should have to concern themselves with such when they should, by right, simply be enjoying their golden years.If you, or a loved one, are approaching or are in your senior years, it is best to seek the counsel of an Elder Law professional in Alabama so that you can relax with the peace of mind that your senior legal needs are being taken care of.If you have any questions concerning your Elder Law needs, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff members at Moses & Moses today! You can reach us by phone at 917.382.5100