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Looking for Lawyers who do LLC Filings in Alabama? Starting a Small Business in Alabama has Never Been Easier.

Are you planning on starting a small business in Alabama?  Recent research shows it’s an excellent time to do so. Emerging markets are rebounding from a six-year slump which gives you a start-up advantage. But there are still many other factors to take into consideration and legalities you’ll need to tend to as well. You are going to need some help.

The professional legal team at Moses & Moses Law Office is ready and able to work with you.  We provide personal individualized service with creative, cost-effective, strategic solutions for those starting a small business in Alabama.

Who We Are

At Moses & Moses, we have dedicated attorneys with decades of experience who specialize in business law, estate and elder care planning, corporate income tax, probate, and elder law. You can rest assured we are able to take the necessary steps to develop and protect your business, assets, key employees and your family members and their assets.

What We Do

Some of the many legal services we provide for those who are starting a business in Alabama are the creation of:

  • New business forms according to the most advantageous strategies
  • Contracts and agreements for employees
  • Transaction agreements between businesses
  • Merger and acquisition contracts and agreements
  • Tax plans

Areas We Cover

No matter what type of business you are planning to start, we can help. Some of the types of businesses we cover are:

  • Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Business Organizations and Corporate Income Tax
  • Business Transactions
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Corporate Finance

What You Need to Know

It is helpful to work with a checklist so you can add some structure to your vision of starting a business and where you want your business to go. That’s when our team of experienced attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama step in.  We are here to make sure your company gets off the ground and soars while being in compliance with federal and state laws.

Financing.As you probably know, there are many expenses associated with starting a new business. Materials, rent, salaries, regulatory fees and many other costs will be incurred. While the majority of businesses launch with a business loan, there are other options as well such as crowdfunding and personal loans. Whatever your money source, it will be imperative to work alongside a seasoned attorney who can help you to understand your options as well as the potential ramifications that accompany those options.

Location.Location is an important factor to decide upon. Do you need a physical location or do you plan to start your business from your home? We will help you weigh out the options and consider the tax benefits as well.

Taxes and Registration. You will need to register your business with state, local and federal tax authorities. In doing so, it is vital that you operate in compliance with the law from the day your business starts up. Our experienced lawyers are familiar with the local law as well as state and federal laws and regulations so we can make sure you don’t end up in a mess of subsequent fines from regulatory violations.

Legal Classification. Deciding how to classify your business is a huge consideration. Do you want to operate as a sole proprietorship, form an LLC, embark on a partnership or joint venture or work as an independent contractor? Just the thought of making such a monumental decision can be overwhelming. We at Moses & Moses are here to help you.We’ll figure out the way that is most beneficial to you based on your individual circumstances.

Other Services We Offer

Although we certainly shine in the area of business law, that is by far not all we do. We also offer:

  • Estate planning (including wills and trusts for parents of young children as well as couples and surviving spouses who are planning for their elder years and those who will succeed them).
  • Trust creation for couples and individuals seeking to avoid the hassle of probate, save assets and/or accommodate and protect special needs children.
  • Probate and settle estates to assure the assets are transferred as quickly and easily as possible with minimal disagreement.
  • Elder law planning for individuals and couples who need to focus on future Medicaid eligibility or who need to protect their assets from others.

Count on Us! | Business Law Attorneys in Birmingham, AL

When starting a small business in Alabama, you can count on us. We’ll be there. Not only will we provide the professional assistance you need to form your business, we’ll make sure you avoid expensive mistakes that can result in subsequent liability or even worse. You need only to browse through our many client reviews to see that you are in good hands with us.If you have any questions or concerns, we are only a phone call away at (917)382-5100. You can also reach out to us online. Contact us today and let’s get started.